My Dear Hugo!

After telling you a lot about my four-times-great-grandmother, Fanny, I’d like to talk about her husband, Hugo, who was born in 1830. He remarried after his wife passed away, I don’t know the exact date, but he was probably in his early 50s. His second wife was called Christine, and with her he had another … More My Dear Hugo!

My Best Compliments!

There is such a lot of online hate going on, people bullying and insulting each other anonymously – as long as one doesn’t have to confront another person, it seems terribly easy to let it all out. Maybe that’s why real-life-complimenting, on the other hand, seems to be considered as somewhat outdated. And I don’t … More My Best Compliments!

Angel Adoree’s Filo Baskets

Filo pastry baskets filled with Stilton, walnuts and pears. I tried the recipe from Angel Adoree’s ‘Vintage Tea Party Book’, you can puchase it e.g. from Amazon. Also have a look at her and her team’s beautiful website. They’re called ‘Vintage Patisserie’ and organise lovely vintage tea parties. Recipe for 12 baskets. Ingredients ready-rolled filo pastry (20cm … More Angel Adoree’s Filo Baskets

Revealing Fanny

Meet Fanny Katharina Friederike, my great-grandmother’s great-grandmother. She was born in 1827 to a schoolteacher and his wife and is therefore likely to have been a middle-class woman. She grew up, married at the age of 25 and later still lived in Hessia, Germany, to an age of 50 when she died of pneumonia. Fanny … More Revealing Fanny