Pleasant Company

A New Mapp & Lucia Story Preface I am aware that some people dismiss the continuation of an old story as the worst kind of literary sacrilege. They are eager to defend the author’s original ideas, so eager, in fact, that they refuse to see how new writers breathe life into those ideas and put them into the reach … More Pleasant Company

Armistice Day: The Story of the Christmas Bell

My second great-grandfather, Philipp Fabry, born in 1863, wrote this story for Christmas 1923. It tells a remarkable, beautiful story. The Story of the Christmas Bell As a heavy iron plate I was loaded onto a smokey cargo train in Westphalia that took me to Offenbach on Main. There, I was driven from the station … More Armistice Day: The Story of the Christmas Bell

My Dear Hugo!

After telling you a lot about my four-times-great-grandmother, Fanny, I’d like to talk about her husband, Hugo, who was born in 1830. He remarried after his wife passed away, I don’t know the exact date, but he was probably in his early 50s. His second wife was called Christine, and with her he had another … More My Dear Hugo!

My Best Compliments!

There is such a lot of online hate going on, people bullying and insulting each other anonymously – as long as one doesn’t have to confront another person, it seems terribly easy to let it all out. Maybe that’s why real-life-complimenting, on the other hand, seems to be considered as somewhat outdated. And I don’t … More My Best Compliments!

Revealing Fanny

Meet Fanny Katharina Friederike, my great-grandmother’s great-grandmother. She was born in 1827 to a schoolteacher and his wife and is therefore likely to have been a middle-class woman. She grew up, married at the age of 25 and later still lived in Hessia, Germany, to an age of 50 when she died of pneumonia. Fanny … More Revealing Fanny