Angel Adoree’s Filo Baskets

Filo pastry baskets filled with Stilton, walnuts and pears. I tried the recipe from Angel Adoree’s ‘Vintage Tea Party Book’, you can puchase it e.g. from Amazon. Also have a look at her and her team’s beautiful website. They’re called ‘Vintage Patisserie’ and organise lovely vintage tea parties. Recipe for 12 baskets. Ingredients ready-rolled filo pastry (20cm … More Angel Adoree’s Filo Baskets

Beond Imagination

I’ve grown up in a family of bee keepers. Bee love came naturally. (Note: another ‘Lark Rise’-reference: I really adore Queenie’s attachment to her bees. She’s a darling.) Our bees don’t only ensure heavy crop by pollinating the blossoms of useful plants, but also provide some lovely honey to enjoy. We leave some of it in … More Beond Imagination