Beond Imagination


I’ve grown up in a family of bee keepers. Bee love came naturally. (Note: another ‘Lark Rise’-reference: I really adore Queenie’s attachment to her bees. She’s a darling.) Our bees don’t only ensure heavy crop by pollinating the blossoms of useful plants, but also provide some lovely honey to enjoy. We leave some of it in the hive and replace the amount we’ve taken by fodder.

My pa has taken over the bees from my great-grandpa. He’s a true bee lover and does everything to make our little ones feel comfortable. Keeping bees is a time-consuming business, he has to prevent an infestation of varroa (a parasitic mite being the major cause for global bee mortality) and keep the colonies in good health. There’s something to do almost every day, he has to check on our sweeties and make sure things take their course the way they should. He uses organic acids only to prevent varroa which I apprechiate a lot – also, you can taste it.

And bees need our protection! The Bee Guardian Foundation is a British organization aiming to protect bees empowering companies, towns and single people to become so-called ‘Bee Guardians’. The Guardians make a commitment to provide a bee-friendly environment (planting honey plants, creating nest-sites, dispense with pesticides and the like) and make society familiar with the bees’ needs.

One of the ‘Bee Guardians’ is Pulsin’, a British snack company. They donate 1% of proceeds to the Foundation and make their delicious bars using renewable energy from ecotricity. One of their products are the ‘Beond Bars’. They’ve been incredibly creative about the name, as it says on the back of the bar:

Our beond bars are named after Beo, an ancient God of agriculture, and Beo also means ‘bee’ in Old English. We believe that healthy bee populations and traditional farming methods are essential to a balanced ecosystem. This is why we support the Bee Guardian Foundation, use renewable energy and organic ingredients!


I’ve bought both of their Beond Bars:

  • Organic Raw Choc (inside everything’s raw: dates, almonds, cacao powder, raisins and agave nectar)


  • Organic Açaí Berry (raw ingredients again: dates, almonds, raspberry powder, Açaí powder and organic raspberry flavour)


And they’re both extraordinary! Full of taste, extremely wholesome and pretty big. Also, Pulsin’ won ‘Best New Organic Food Products’ at ‘The Natural and Organic Awards 2012′. The bars weigh 40g and are raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soya free and don’t contain added sugar. What more could one expect?! I adore them. And I think Queenie would approve.


The bees do for sure.


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